Mini Trends That You Should be Owning This Season

Trends come and go, but every once in a while, we find ourselves drawn to styles that seem as though they were tailored just for us. As we go into the new season, mini trends seem to be popping up everywhere. Trends that previously were only during Fashion Weeks or seen on celebrities and models, are now big hits: over the knee suede boots, pom-poms, and fringe galore. Although these aren’t major changes to your wardrobe, they can have a massive impact on your overall look. It is a way to incorporate your quirky side into your everyday looks and add personality to your wardrobe!

[Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with M. Davis]

Bright colored cashmere sweaters

One of the biggest trends at the moment is bright-colored cashmere sweaters. Bright pinks, blues, and oranges may not be for everyone, but this trend can easily be dressed down by adding dark denim or leather pants and shoes to negate some of that color. You may be questioning where to get luxury cashmere that’ll last long. You can educate yourself by finding out what cashmere is made of via sites such as Mirta and browse their selection. While it’s warmer than wool, cashmere is lighter and softer, not to mention more durable! While it’s warmer than wool, cashmere is lighter and softer, and not to mention more durable!

Checkered mini-skirt and blazer sets

You can also add some brightness to your wardrobe with a checkered mini-skirt and blazer set. The best part about this trend is that it’s easily worn in the day or the night since you can pick an appropriate color for what you’re wearing and mix n match! This trend is a throwback to the 90’s, think of Cher from the movie Clueless as your inspiration for rocking this outfit with long socks and Mary Jane shoes. This is something I’ve been wanting to add to my wardrobe ever since I saw the movie!

Slouchy menswear-inspired trousers

Another mini-trend that you should own this season is slouchy menswear-inspired trousers. They are one of the biggest styles that came to the top in the last fashion weeks. Almost every designer has their version on the runway or in their line. Menswear-inspired trousers are a lot looser than your typical trouser style allowing for a slouchy look. You can style them effortless with a pair of sneakers or heeled boots, there’s nothing more empowering than women wearing menswear-inspired clothing!

Oversized quilted puffers

Big puffer jackets have been a staple for winter ever since the ’90s, but now designers are making them even bigger and puffier. That’s what you call oversized puffers! This trend is one of those things that have become so popular because it feels almost identical to a robe, you are cocooned in warmth! Puffer are great for virtually any climate and can keep you warm whether you are in the city or out skiing. I can always rely on my puffer jacket, no matter the weather!

Knit top and pants Duos

If you love a knitted outfit, then this is for you. The knit top and pant duos are an easy wardrobe update because they allow for a very basic outfit, while elevating your general look, since it’s a set. It’s a look that says “I’m comfortable but trying to make an effort”.

Anything with fringes

From suede boots with fringes on the side to dresses with skirts done in fringe, you shouldn’t be surprised when you see things with fringe this season. It is a fun addition that can easily be dressed down in summer, with your favorite summer dress, or paired with something more formal with tights for winter. Twirl about this winter in your favourite fringe piece and enjoy some extra attention. If you’re a stylish and organised person who loves the idea of having everything at your fingertips, these mini trends are perfect for every personality. You can always customise these pieces to your taste and personality, while interchanging them easily.

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