10 things that will make you want to be at your desk in 2019

office flatlay 2019

Back at your desk in the office after the winter holidays? We all know how tough it is to come back after days filled with sleep, food and Christmas movies. You don’t have to dread this return and you can make the transition smoother and more pleasant! Check out the 10 things that make me be at my desk in 2019 and set the atmosphere for a motivating and inspiring workspace!

office flatlay 2019

10 things for your desk in 2019

  1. Cosy blanket scarf – The temperatures outside varied a lot in November and December, which meant that sometimes I was dressed light enough for the weather, but not warm enough for the office. In such cases, a cosy blanket scarf made me feel not only comfy, but also warm.
  2.  Your own cup – Our office has their own cups and have been using them for a while. However, having your own cute cup can make you feel at home. Plus, it can be a nice conversation starter in front of the coffee machine!
  3. Hot drinks – Even if we have a coffee machine at work, it’s nice to change it up a bit with a vanilla-flavoured cappuccino or a green tea. And all of these cosy drinks in your own cup!
  4. Humidifier – This has been by far the best thing on my desk! It not only humidifies the dry air in the office, but also very soothing! The one I have it’s small, makes little noise, has cute lights and you can also add essential oils. If this is too big for your, there are plenty of small humidifiers or even USB-powered ones that you can just insert in a water bottle or glass.
  5. Face mist – I find myself using my face mist more and more in the office. Either to refresh my face (spending 8+ hours in front of the laptop can take its toll) or to hydrate it (aircon is soo drying)
  6. Lip balm same with your lips, they also need hydration. Not only because of the cold weather but also because of the dry office environment.
  7. Hand cream – and don’t forget the hands! I am working with them all day long and they deserve some pampering and hydration. Even better if you have a nice smelling cream – I currently use the Charity Pot from Lush. It smells amazing and leaves my skin super soft without making my fingertips feeling oily.
  8. Headphones – I am sure I am not the only one that listens to music at the office whenever I want my own peaceful bubble. So why not have some cute headphones? I currently have a pair from Skinnydip and I aim to get a wireless pair that can also isolate the noise.
  9. Decorations (stickers, string lights, souvenirs, etc) – Make your desk even more cosy and welcoming with some cute decorations. Can be anything from stickers (currently have a set of cute dog stickers that I couldn’t resist) or discreet string lights. Anything that can make you smile, improve your mood and make you feel comfortable.
  10. Plants – This is one thing I miss right now: having a small plant. I am planning to either get a small succulent or cactus or orchid. Something that would need minimal care. 

While I do love my day job and my colleagues, there are days that are packed with stressful moments, or days when I don’t feel like myself. And having such small things around my desk can be super soothing and motivating. How do you keep your office/desk cosy? What items are making you feel … at home?


  1. Thank you writing this post as it is on point. Most of work a standard 9 to 5 job and it is important to feel at home as we are there with our co-workers for at least 8 hours. On my desk, I do not have much though but I do have a pair of headphones, and keep my lip balm and hand creams with me.

  2. I always wear a blanket scarf to work because I always seem far colder than anyone else there! I put it on my lap like an actual blanket but because it’s sold as a scarf it’s acceptable…
    Headphones are a definite must for me as well, I need some music playing as it helps me to focus!

    Claire x

  3. Ohh! I love these ideas! I have a cozy blanket at my “writing station” as I call it as well. I will look into the other items as I think I want to add them as well.

  4. Hot drinks and hand cream are my staples. Great list. I decorate my desk with vintage style postcards of places I’ve been to keep reminding myself there is more than work. I’d love a plant but I’m basically a serial killer for plants so maybe it’s safer for the planet if I skip that one

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