5 Reasons to love coffee

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Coffee & Macarons

I believe that coffee is something that either you love, either you hate; not really in between. I believe that coffee is sent from the gods to help us deal with this world and make our lives easier. There are so many reasons coffee is pure perfection. Holding a cup of hot coffee can instantly make the world a better place.

I managed to boil it down to 5 main reasons why we love coffee:

1. Coffee is your guide through sleepy mornings. The moment you open the pack of coffee, the sound of the machine brewing it, the smell of the coffee liquid pouring in the cup.  You can barely see, enough to make the coffee; you take the hot cup of fresh coffee in your hands. You smell it and sip it. Bliss.

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Hands & Coffee [Image credit]
2. It’s stimulating,  keeps you energetic and gives you a productivity boost. I do not open my laptop in the morning without a cup of coffee. I cannot face the day without it. Also, every time I start a task that will take some time, I first prepare a cup of hot coffee to keep me focused & motivated.

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Coffee & Work [Image credit]
3. You can have so many types of coffee and you can add so many flavours to it – caramel, vanilla, pumpkin. The possibilities are endless.

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Types of Coffee [Image credit]
4. What’s better than taking a coffee & macaron break? You get to combine coffee with sweets. And in this case, you can even skip the sugar in your coffee.

coffee and macarons
Coffee & Macarons [Image credit]
5. Last but not least, it’s scientifically proven that it makes you happier and healthier. Which means coffee is pretty much perfection.

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First, coffee [Image credit]

Why do you love coffee? Let me hear you all say – coffee is life! Check out my Pinterest & Weheartit for more coffee inspiration!

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  1. I am obsessed with coffee! Lately, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and decided to try some Indonesian traditional coffees, Vietnamese coffee, and Greek Coffee. You should try it too, you wont expect how good and addicting they are ;D

    Caffeine hearts from Indonesia<3
    Amfiba | amfiba.blogspot.com

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