Shopping List: Winter Necessities

Weather now is the coldest it has been this winter! Keep scrolling to check out Alena’s winter necessities to stay warm:

Doomsday is almost here. Just kidding, it’s just winter! Either way, you still need to be prepared! My name is Alena. I’m a life, style and beauty blogger for Love Everything Lovely. I’m from the US (Pennsylvania to be exact) and today I’ll be sharing the winter essentials that need to be on your shopping list if you don’t already have them in your closet!

The Perfect Boots

Who doesn’t want to keep their tootsies warm?! The perfect pair of boots is a necessity to keep your toes and legs warm. I love over-the-knee boots because they are stylish, modern, keep the entire leg warm, and have a touch of sexy to them! However, I also recommend getting a second pair that won’t get wet once it begins snowing!

The Perfect Coat

I absolutely despise wearing coats, but there’s really no way to avoid them (unless you’d much rather prefer freezing). Depending on what kind of style of coats you prefer, you want to find one that will keep you toasty and fits well on you. You also want to consider the fact that you’ll likely be wearing sweaters underneath the coat. When shopping for a coat, make sure you’re not wearing a tank top. Have some layers on so that you can see the fit of the coat as if you were wearing some winter-like clothing.

The Perfect Sweaters

You want to find a couple sweaters that you can rotate throughout the cold season. Find some classics that can be worn with different layers and accessories. This way you won’t look like you’re wearing the same ol’ sweater all winter long. However, you also want to find some sweaters that are more unique and have fun detail on them.

The Perfect Winter Accessories

A hat, gloves, and a scarf are musts! Depending on how cold your area of the world gets, you want to avoid frostbite on your fingertips. You also want to avoid exposing your neck and ears to prevent yourself from getting a cold.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! What are your winter must haves?!

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  1. My winter must have is most definitely a good coat, especially in the UK where it is always freezing haha! Oh and a hat and scarf plus gloves is a good way of combating the cold although I really need one of those ‘heat pads’ which warm your hands up, as I am always cold haha! Happy Valentine’s Day x

  2. I absolutely love a good cosy jumper! I tend to stock up on them so I have plenty to last me through winter. Haha! (Sounds like im hibernating!)

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