How blogging changed my life & style

When I started blogging more than 3 years ago, it was to have an online portfolio of my photography, writing and social media skills. It started as a visual diary and has now grown into a resource for fashion inspiration, beauty products recommendations, and travel tips.

How blogging changed my life and style

I am an introvert and even though I am becoming less and less shy in public, blogging and social media has been a great way to connect with people. I am also very self-aware and not as confident in how I look, but I believe that blogging, especially taking photos of myself, has considerably improved that. Strangely, Instagram has made me more confident in how I look – blogging allowed me to realize that we are all beautiful in our own way and I am slowly embracing my own “beauty”. Instagram is full of gorgeous bloggers that are not copy paste, that are and look very different. AndI find this truly wonderful

Blogging allowed me to be more accepting of my body and bolder when it comes to outfit choices. Blogging allowed me to take better care of my own skin. Skincare and beauty products are an important part of my self-care and this can be seen in my various beauty and makeup reviews.

I dare say that blogging has made me a bit better at taking and editing photographs. I am very far from knowing how to use my camera and very often I take my photos with a tripod and the timer, but every time I do it, I learn something new.

How blogging changed my life and style

Blogging has made me more courageous and overthink less and less. Around 2 years ago I got my first collaboration with a hair extension brand and since then, collaborations have been slowly coming. I realized that I am valuable and I started pitching myself to brands. At the beginning, this was very difficult for me and was making me anxious (what if they say no?). But what if they were going to say yes? I realized there is nothing I could lose by sending those emails.

Blogging has taught me a lot not only about writing what you want and posting pretty pictures. It has taught me how much work is needed and how multi-talented bloggers have to be. Bloggers have to be photographers, writers, marketers, accountants – literally everything a business needs to run, all in one single person with 24h per day, 7 days a week.

Even though I am blogging more as a hobby, even this proves to be time consuming and hard to fit into my schedule. Even if I end up spending hours learning to edit in Lightroom or reading about SEO techniques, it’s something I truly enjoy! Fun fact: learning how to edit photos and how to use social media has actually helped me in my full time job!

For many people, blogging sounds like a waste of time, an activity meant for narcissist. But I beg to differ – blogging changed my life and my style, it has made me more creative, more confident, more knowledgeable and honestly, I like where this is going to!


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