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Boy, do I love winter! Am I the only one that likes the colder weather? Honestly, all summer I have been in agony with the warmth and the heat I couldn’t wait to have a calmer, chillier weather so I can sip on hot coffees. Summer is cool, yes. You get to go to the beach, drink iced coffees and wear pretty dresses with sandals. Ok, these were actually the best parts. But coming home all sweating from the heat and even indoors, with no air conditioner, I was melting and could not get myself to do anyhing but waiting for the day to end so the weather would get a bit less warm. What I actually prefer is to have colder, drier weather – so I am not a fan of rainy fall days actually. Having some snow can make it prettier too (ok, I guess NYC looks good no matter what…).

Why do I love Winter?

When it’s cold outside, drinking hot beverages is so much better. Seriously, how can you not enjoy drinking a hot coffee or hot chocolate and let it warm your body up?

Hot chocolate and hot coffee love winter
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How about cozy oversized comfy clothes? Outdoors and indoors! Think chunky sweaters, huge scarves, soft sweatpants, big fuzzy socks, and ugly Christmas sweaters. Seriously, now how can one not love winter?

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There is an intense commercialisation of Christmas, yes, but I love how people get cheery and excited for holidays, I love how the streets are decorated with pretty lights, the special hot drinks and foods, the magical snowy weather. Just a time that is kind of forcing us to spend time with our family and it makes us realise it’s actually nice 😀

How do you feel about winter? Have you gotten yet your cosy outfits?


  1. So I looked at this post and it made me smile.

    Reminded me much of when we were young. I still remember when it was so cold in the UK that snow would easily reach close to the top of the door ledge. When the frost and ice came, all the pipes would burst and the four of us in our Pj’s, christmasy hats and over sized reindeer sox armed with pans and buckets would wait for the man in the white wan to deliver water to our house. Great stories and even better memories.

    However, despite my love of winter I do like some heat, usually when theres a lovely cool breeze blowing across the beach some place nice and quiet. Where i have my kindle in one hand and a ice cold lemonade in the other. But the whole muggy, unable to breath heat which soaks your hair and skin is horrid. I have travelled to places like that in Asia and the Indian subcontinent. To be honest its been a struggle. I rather have multiple layers on (in winter) which i can remove rather then one layer which sticks to you like gum and makes you look and feel like wilted spinach. So not cool.

    Since starting our business, we’ve been to busy to take a holiday so i’m looking forward this year to taking some time off. I already have my wool coat, arm and leg warmers, UGG boots, chunky beanie. Yes yes i know – a tad overkill, but i do get really cold. having said that i prefer the winter to the summer. At least my brain remains functional.Otherwise it all turns to mush in the heat.

    Reasons why i love winter:

    Time to take out the winter warmers – gloves & hats
    I saw these ‘heat gen’ outfits, to lounge about in at home.  Thats what we call them in the UK. They allow heat regulation of your body and essentially prevent heat loss.  I love them, so cozy. 
    Gorgeous autumn and winter postcard photos ( i am a photographer at heart, with special interest in the world, landscapes and weather)
    Oversized Jumpers – I have about ten of them, including the christmasy ones 😀 
    Uggs – enough said
    Soup in front of the fireplace
    When its winter it means christmas isn’t too far away – the excitement that causes is amazing.
    Hot chocolate with marsh mellows, mmmmm yummy
    Holiday time with family
    Roasted Chestnuts – yum yum
    Seeing the leaves change colour.
    Christmas sales and pressies
    Winter means it might snow- so snowball fights and building a snowman with the family.

    Im sure we all have our reasons why we prefer a specific season. But these were the reasons why i love winter. 

    Warmest regards

    Blogger, Traveller and Creative Business Manager for – MY Blog

  2. Hi Nice post! I love winter when its dry and cold. Unfortunately in Ireland it rains all year round so we neither get a “real” summer or a rainless winter. The weather right now is extremely wet and cold. Horrible! xx

  3. Yes! You can always pick out the shitty parts of everything but the good parts of winter really are lovely.

    Although, I don’t think my mum would agree as she is a sun hunter and seems to always be cold. Not only that, but we don’t even have ‘pretty winters’ a in we don’t get snow that settles because of the buckets of rain and if we do it turns to dirty slush very quickly and the dog attacks thee snow man lol!

    I am very pro jumper-wearing, hot beverages and blankets so the winter gives me even more reason to indulge in these things and make plans of where I will spend winter next year 😀

  4. This is my first winter in Miami, FL and after years of cursing the snow and ice…I must admit I’m missing the season a bit. Went a little wild with Christmas decorations to make our home feel festive without any winter weather to speak of. And now cozy outfits for me…I wore shorts today! Haha!

  5. I love winter too! Especially, the snow.. going sledding, building snowman’s and of course hot cocoa. Winter in a big city is great since we get our streets plowed regularly. I’m in Chicago 😉 Winter is coming…

  6. I absolutely love winters specially the month of December. Morever you can eat as much as you want and its easy to hide your fat in those big cosy sweaters. Haha.

  7. I like colder weather too but Autumn is my favorite time of the year. Perhaps it’s because for the past few years we hadn’t had any snow, it just becomes awfully windy 🙁
    And I totally get you, I love hot chocolate and it just doesn’t make any sense anytime but during winter.

  8. Lovely post! I LOVE winter because: The clothes feel more stylish, I like the option of getting toasty with tea/hot chocolate/coffee and snuggling under a blanket, winter shoes are always fab, and the colours are so lovely.

    However I’m not a huge Christmas person. It’s ok, but I tend to get stressed about family events.

  9. I love fall and winter! I’m from Hawaii, but I recently moved to the east coast where I’m experiencing my first seasons and white christmas, and I LOVE IT! I really love all the warm drinks, festive decor, and sweaters!

  10. I love winter and autumn fashion but I definitely do not like the cold. I am all about the sunshine but the winter normally has the best programmes and fashions.

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