3 Motivational Cures for the Monday Blues

It’s Monday morning. The birds are chirping, sun is rising, and you feel the warmth of your bed underneath your covers. “I don’t want to wake up!” your mind and body says to you. “Not until I get my coffee first.” Let’s face it. Monday mornings are the least favorite part of your week. But you know you have to get up, begin your week, and become productive. Today’s Monday morning is going to be different. In fact, every Monday morning will be different using these three motivational techniques.

1. Preparation

One of the reasons why mornings are hard is because your subconscious mind enjoys comfort. Your mind doesn’t want to wake up, get ready, or make breakfast. That`s boring and it’s already comfortable where it is – in bed.
One way to change this habit is by preparing the night before. Pick out the clothes you’ll be wearing, put your gym bag by the door, and prepare breakfast (overnight oats). This way, when you wake up and your mind says “no!” you can rebuttal with “everything is already done. Let’s do this.”

2. Tunes

Hearing your favorite song is an instant energy booster. One way to hone in on this energy is by creating your own morning motivational playlist. Play it while you’re getting ready for the day, eating breakfast, and commuting to work or school.
For an added boost of motivation, listen to podcasts instead, which has the double benefit of education.

3. Inspiration

Keep your mind positive by surrounding yourself with inspiration. Download daily quote apps. Print out dream vacation spots and tape it to your bathroom mirror. Change your desktop and phone wallpaper to something inspiring. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and you’ll start being inspired to have an awesome day.
That’s it! Monday mornings aren’t so bad after all, right?

Guest post by Julius Tang, who is the founder of One Epic Life – an untraditional productivity blog which focuses on a holistic approach to self-improvement.

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  1. Great post. I try to prepare the night before, I’m rubbish at it, but when I do… it works. It’s the little things 🙂

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