Why Is Nighttime Skin Care So Important?

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Whether you are a frequent international flyer or a stay-at-home dog parent, sticking to a diligent skin care routine maintains your youthful, glowy, and healthy natural beauty. Most people split skin care routines into two distinct regimens: a morning and night routine. Discover why nighttime skin care is so important and a necessary bedtime habit for all lifestyles.

Overnight Skin Repair

Beauty sleep is more than just a fun saying. While resting, cell turnover, tissue repair, and collagen production go into full drive. Our bodies use our reserved energy to repair, rejuvenate, and regenerate.
A proper nighttime routine allows you to feed your skin healthy nutrients that can expedite and enhance your natural repair systems. Moisturizers hydrate your skin, promoting skin cell turnover, and your body uses this time to absorb any vitamin-filled serums you apply, boosting your rejuvenation process. Nighttime skin care works in hand with your body’s overnight repairs.

Removal of Daily Impurities

Whether you spend your day on an airplane, out and about in town, or curled up on the comforts of your couch, your skin will absorb and interact with impurities. Pollutants from the air, makeup, and sweat on your skin can mix with one another and clog up your pores, causing inflammations, irritations, and breakouts. These impurities also harbor bacteria.

One of the most common skin care mistakes is forgetting to cleanse at the end of the day. Washing and cleansing your skin at night removes all the impurities that settled on your skin during the day. Going to bed with those particles on your face causes further irritations as they rub against your skin, pillow, and bed sheets. A nighttime skin care routine keeps you accountable for going to bed with clean skin.

Wind Down Relaxation

Skin care is therapeutic. As you take care of your skin by cleansing and enriching your skin with healthy, active ingredients, you are spreading the love to your body. Maintaining your health—and the health of your skin—is self-care, making it a serotonin-boosting activity. The repetitive actions of the routine and the gentle physical intimacy with your skin also generate a calming lull that prepares you for sleep. By focusing on yourself and taking care of your skin needs, you remove yourself from distractions and unwind—bringing you to the perfect state for going to bed.

A nighttime skin care routine is important in many ways. The therapeutic, healthy, and essential regimen affects multiple aspects of your life, from your health to your other daily routines. Give yourself the love and care it deserves and needs with a nighttime skin care routine.

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