Some of the Best Train Trips in the World

Traveling the world is easy to do nowadays with planes, trains, and automobiles, making it easy to get to every destination. But sometimes, the real trip is the amazing things you get to see along the way. That’s why train trips are so popular, as you get to see many amazing sights as you travel the line. Here are a few popular train trips you should take to explore the world.

The Bernina Express

While this trip may not cover the most ground, it offers some of the most beautiful sights you’ll ever see. This 76-mile track, taking about four hours, will have you travel through many tunnels in Switzerland to see some of the best sights. Seeing beautiful sights is one of the reasons why traveling makes you happy, and this is the perfect trip for seeing those views.

Rocky Mountaineer’s First Passage

Canada is home to many amazing places. The rocky mountaineer is a great line for exploring many of the natural beauties in Canada while sitting back in the comfort of a train car. You can tell that people love it because it’s the largest privately-owned tourist train in the world.

West Highland Line

Scotland is famous for its amazing and diverse scenery. This line travels right through urban cities and gorgeous hills so that you can see everything while on the move. Be ready to see some of the most amazing natural sights that Scotland has to offer.

The Blue Train

If you’re looking for luxury on your train trip, then the blue line is the place for you. This is one of the most famous train trips in the world, as it offers a multiday trip going throughout all of South Africa. If you want to take a trip to South Africa, you would be remiss not to try this train trip.

No matter what, adventure and amazing trips call to you in these potential train trips. And this list doesn’t even include the most famous American railways. There are so many places you can see by riding the trains.

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