How To Keep Your Color-Treated Hair Healthy

Whether you dye your hair to enhance its natural color or completely change the color, it’s essential to maintain it to avoid damage or breakage. Because you’re altering the chemical state of your hair, it will be more prone to damage. Therefore, you need to change your hair-care routine to accommodate your new color! I’ve had my hair dyes in all the colors of the rainbow, so I know a thing or two when it comes to keeping your color-treated hair healthy.

Protect Against Heat Damage

Do you use a curling wand or straightener to style your hair? While you should be applying a heat protectant to all types of hair, dyed hair is more prone to heat damage. Invest in a high-quality heat protectant to avoid this damage.

Shower With Water Filters

The water you use to wash and condition your hair can make a difference. For example, showering with hard water could cause your scalp to become dry and itchy. Due to the many skin and hair benefits from filtered water, you should consider placing a filter in your shower. Your skin and hair will become healthier the more you use it.

Wash Your Hair Less

For some of you, this might sound wrong, but washing your hair less is significantly better for you. Washing your hair daily will strip your scalp of its natural oils, leaving your hair dry and prone to breakage. It’s also important to note that the more you wash your hair, the faster your color will fade. Try to leave a day between washes, but do more if your hair and scalp can tolerate it.
PS: This doesn’t mean you have to skip a daily shower. You can still shower every morning or evening but skip the hair-washing step every other day or so. And dry shampoo will become you best friend!

Choose the Right Shampoo

Using the correct shampoo can make a difference in the quality of your hair. If you’re noticing signs that you’re using the wrong shampoo, like your scalp becoming too dry or greasy, you should make the switch to a new product. Look for a shampoo specifically for color-treated hair because regular shampoo can strip the color.

Lock In Moisture With Oil

After a color treatment, your hair could feel dry and lacking in moisture. The hair follicles change with the dye, which can cause coarseness. Applying oil to your ends after a shower can lock in moisture and give your hair a luster and shine! But don’t choose any oil you can find; ensure it will work for your hair type.
Keeping your color-treated hair healthy is crucial for avoiding excessive damage and breakage. Creating a daily hair-care routine is the best way to stay on top of this. Use my tips to build a suitable hair-care routine for you that enhances and treats your colored hair!

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