Finding the perfect pair of thigh high boots for petites

Are you on the hunt for the perfect thigh high boots? Especially as a petite, it is not easy. Finding a pair of thigh high boots for petites that look good, feel good, and don’t cost a fortune is kind of like finding a four leaf clover. It’s rare, it’s precious, and it’s totally worth the wait. To help you on your quest for the perfect pair of thigh highs, I have put together a lot of inspiration so that you can decide what is your ideal thigh high boot. Let’s dive in!

Thigh high boots are a must have

I love thigh high boots, but I don’t have long legs. And I’m not alone! I have made peace with my petite stature long ago and I am embracing it. While for some outfits or pieces of clothing, my lack of height is be a bummer in some ways, when shopping for thigh high boots, I have absolutely no issues! If you wonder how to rock a tall boot without looking like you’re wearing shoes that are too big, I got you.

When shopping for boots for petites, it’s not just about the height of your boots, though—it’s also about how they fit and make you feel. And believe it or not, there are thigh high boots for petites out there that are just as comfortable and cute as regular ones! So why wait? I promise you that once you find a pair that fits your legs and the rest of your body just right, you’ll wear them all the time!

In this post, I’ll go over everything you need to know about choosing the perfect pair of thigh highs for yourself—from what colors or materials to choose to how to wear them in different outfits!

What colors to choose?

Even if we head out into spring, you have every reason to pick up thigh high boots for petites. They’ll give you a powerful look that will make you feel like you can take on the world. For me, the first thing to be done is decide on the color of your thigh highs. No matter your height, the key is balance—and that starts with choosing the right colors for your skin tone and style.

If you want to achieve a slimming effect, choose darker colors like burgundy or gray. Thigh high boots in burgundy or deep purple are definitely eye catching; whereas thigh high boots in grey can be extremely versatile.

If you want to make your legs seem longer and leaner, go for lighter colors like beige. Thigh high boots in beige are a great choice for many people. It flatters almost any skin tone, and blends in well with other patterns and colors. Once you’ve got your color picked out, it’s time to pick a material.

What materials for thigh high boots

Material is very important for me – I want something that is not only high quality, but also that looks and feels good to touch. No matter how I wear the boots – with or without stockings – I have to feel good in them. Thigh high boots come in a variety of different materials, including real leather, patent leather, suede, velvet, and even rubber. The classic choice is leather as they can last you a lifetime and go well with any other type of material. But if it is difficult to find real leather boots that fit your calves and thighs, you can check out the other materials for more comfort and flexibility.

Comfort is not the only criteria for picking the material of your boots, but also the effect that you want to achieve. If you want something classic but shiny, you can go for thigh high boots in patent leather. For an edgier look that makes a bold statement, go with thigh high boots in velvet!

How to wear: thigh high boots outfit ideas

Now you got your color and material for your thigh high boots. But you’re wondering how can you even wear them? Should you go for thigh high boots with flat heel, or high heel? How do you know if they go with a dress? Or if they’re appropriate for work? And what if it’s snowing out and everything is slippery?

There are plenty of ways to wear your thigh high boots for petites. While they might seem like they’re best suited to colder weather—think tights and skirts—you can actually wear them during all seasons if you pair them with the right outfit. In warmer months, try wearing them with short dresses, skirts and pants, of even long and flowy dresses.

In general, thigh high boots and dress is a great combination; but they can also add a touch of glamour to any other outfit—including jeans! Thigh high boots and jeans can create a classy outfit. When you wear them with a skirt of dress, make sure that they don’t cut off at an awkward place on your leg (for instance, right above the knee).

In terms of heels, the environment where you will be wearing them (office, club, restaurant etc) and the weather (rainy and snowy vs dry) can play a big part. If your office is more conservative, opt for a flat heel, whereas a high heel is great for going out. If the colder months are rainy and snowy, a high heel might be tricky – so I prefer to opt for a chunky medium heel or no heel. But in drier months, any kind of heel with work and will be comfortable to walk in.

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