How to style black and white and not look boring

You can never go wrong with wearing black and white. They go really great together and they are easy to style. While it can be classy and elegant, you may end up having rather boring outfits when you wear black and white only. I am a strong believer that these two noncolors can be best friends and fun ones too. In this block post I will cover a few tips and tricks, together with outfits examples on how to style black and white and not look boring.

Tips and tricks for black and white fashion style

What comes to your mind when you think of black and white outfits? For me it’s black bottom (skirt, suit pants, jeans) with a white top (shirt, t-shirt), often accompanied by a black jacket or blazer. We have to admit that while these are the safest outfits to wear for virtually any occasion, be it formal or casual, in 90% of the cases, they are boring.

  1. In order level up such an outfit, the biggest tip I would give is to play with the silhouette and the textures. Are you always going for skinny jeans or straight leg suit pants? Experiment with wide leg pants, boot cut jeans or even harem pants. Are you usually going for plain cotton shirts? How about some lace details or mesh inserts?
  2. Wear clothes that make you feel good and are flattering you. In my case, it’s enhancing my waist to flatter my figure and also to make me look taller. You can wither water a high-waisted skirt where you tuck your shirt, or opting for wearing a belt over your dress.
  3. Having a black and white outfit that is plain in terms of patterns and textures is what makes it boring. Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns. Wear a patterned top with a plan bottom. Or a boldly patterned dress with a plain jacket. Or how about shoes with intricate details? Or a statement necklace over the plain shirt? The possibilities are endless if you are a black and white lover.

How to style a black and white striped shirt

Let’s dive into some concrete examples. How would you style a black and white striped shirt? Of course it goes well with black jeans or pencil skirt. But don’t forget to play with textures, silhouettes and accessories.
Cuff your sleeves, tuck the shirt in the skirt and put on a pair of black sunglasses for an effortlessly chic outfit.

Tuck the shirt in your jeans, put on a pair go black sunglasses and a pair of edgy high heels.

For a chic casual summer look, cuff your sleeves and tie your shirt in a knot and pair it with white jeans and sandals.

For an elegant office look, pair your black and white shirt with a pair of high-waister wide leg pants.

Get this chic casual look with a black and white shirt paired with a white mini skirt and black accessories.

Black and white dress style

I am the biggest fan of dresses in all forms – all lengths, colors, materials, patterns – I could wear dresses all day long and for any occasion. But when it comes to dresses being part of a black and white outfit, it quickly gets boring. If you don’t bring in any colours, you usually end up with an all black or all white outfit and it often is boring.

If you’re wondering hot to style black and white dress, don’t forget to play around and don’t shy away from fun patterns. One of my favorite patterns for dresses is gingham – I love it so much that I have two pinafores. In all the cases I style them with white t-shirts underneath and white sneakers. And it all works out because the star of the show is the gingham pattern.

Go for bold stripes that flatter your figure and can make you look taller.

If you prefer monochrome dresses, then go for bold cuts, like this dress with puffy sleeves that you can pear with cute sandals.

How about a black and white dot pattern on a maxi dress that you can wear with white bag and sneakers and the usual black sunnies.

For an edgy chic look, go for a bold yet elegant white dress and wear it with black accessories, belt included.

How to style black and white pants outfit

It doesn’t always have to be the classic black pants with white shirt combination. You can always take it up a notch and still have a chic and serious outfit. Don’t shy away from patterns, textures and cuts!

Wondering how to style black and white checkered pants? How about with a white shirt with cuffed sleeves for effortless elegance?

How about swapping the colors and opt for white wide leg pants and a black top.

For more casual outfits, pair gingham pants with a white crop top.

Or if you are a fan of sweatpants, how about a pair two tone pants as the main piece of the outfit.

I hope that I have given you enough inspiration so that you know how to style black and white and not look boring! What are your favorite combos and tips?

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