Why bloggers and content creators should read more books

During my university years, I read a lot of books that were related to my courses and did not read much for my own pleasure. When I finished my master’s degree, I wanted a break from reading. That is when I started this blog and I was focused on reading other blogs, following online courses, watching YouTube videos and training my writing, social media, photography and photo editing skills. I did not feel like reading at all for me.

However, in the past 2-3 years or so, I started to slowly read more books for me and recently I am actively making time in my schedule for reading. I have been adding lots of books to my Goodreads profile and spending more and more money on Book Depository and lately on my favourite local bookshops (Alinea & Ernster). Ever since I got back into reading, I realised (again) how amazing it actually is. And not just for my own pleasure and development, but how helpful it actually is for me as a content creator.

Why bloggers and content creators should read more books

Read books to take a break

Reading books allows me to take a break from it all and immerse myself in a new world. My brain has too many tabs open and it needs a good break once in a while. I can usually achieve that with reading or sleeping. As soon as I open a book, it’s like everything else around me is far away. It does happen sometimes to have extra thoughts that make me read the same paragraph 10 times. But I do my best, and when I truly focus and visualise what I’m reading, it’s magical.

Similarly to doing your skincare routine, reading is a time that you have for yourself, just you and your book. It’s self-care for your mind and soul, which in turn positively affects your body.

Reading boosts your creativity

Reading can boost your creativity and expand your vocabulary (even if you are native speaker – I definitely do not know all the words in my native language ) and this will impact your writing style in a positive way. You will not only learn new words and ways to express yourself. But you may also find quotes or advice that you would like to share with your readers. Or topics that you would like to explore further in one of your blog posts. Or perhaps some of the places or things described in the book will inspire you for your next photo shoot. If you find yourself in a creative rut, reading is one way to get out of it. Keep a notebook or your journal nearby, in case you want to write down ideas or quotes – and you can revisit them later.

Books I recommend

As a working woman with a side hustle, I love reading books about the business world. And even more so those that are written by and for women. I’m here to recommend you 4 books written by women, that have inspired me and have motivated me to do my best 

Why bloggers and content creators should read more books

I know this is not groundbreaking information, so don’t come at me. But if it makes at least one of you grab a book, then my job here is done. When you are a content creator, 100% focused on your work, don’t forget to take reading breaks from time to time. It will benefit your mind and soul, and it will literally help you be better at your job.

My Goodreads account keeps growing, and my bookshelves are overwhelmed. But having grown in a house packed with books, I will always feel like there are never too many. And just like traveling, books are worth spending money on.

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