Inspiring Influencers to Follow (Part 1)

Inspiring Influencers to Follow
Do you ever feel your Instagram feed needs some freshness? Do you enjoying following amazing, strong, creative, gorgeous women killing it? Check out the 4 accounts that I am avidly following (ahem stalking). Their stories and posts are not only beautifully curated but also inspiring. Watching their stories while I have my morning coffee is giving me a motivating boost like nothing else. Seeing them work to achieve their dreams is pushing me to suck it up and push myself. Without further ado, I present you four influencers that are currently inspiring & motivating me.

Tina Lee / Of Leather and Lace

I found her account while searching for Taipei views on Instagram and stumbled upon the gorgeous shots she took in a hotel there. I thoroughly enjoy watching her stories full of tips and behind the scenes. Follow her along for her amazing travels and gorgeous feed!

Jeanne / The Grey Layers

I found Jeanne’s account while browsing Instagram – I followed her because of her travelling posts and stayed for her gorgeous feed!

A post shared by Jeanne Grey (@thegreylayers) on

A post shared by Jeanne Grey (@thegreylayers) on

Angela / Sunday Chapter

I discovered Angela’s account through the Instagram story templates and I remember when she had around 26k followers. Then her templates went viral and her Instagram account gained a lot of traction (currently over 460k followers) in a very short amount of time. I love seeing how her amazing account and her hard work are being seen by more and more people!

Alyssa Lenore

I am in love with her soft & warm Instagram feed. I always follow her stories – I enjoy seeing people travel and work hard in achieving their dreams!

What are your favorite inspiring influencers that motivate you?

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