My Skincare Routine

Since the trip to Japan, I have been obsessed with Japanese  and Korean skincare and I aim to have all teh producst and patience for the almost 10-step Asian skincare routine.

Cleansing & Toning

To remove the makeup, I am starting with a cleansing oil from Sephora, I realised it’s best for waterproof mascara as my usual makeup remover makes my eyes hurt. Next step is cleaning up the extra dirt with the Shiseido foam, leaving my skin smooth and clean.

sephora cleansing oil

charcoal soap, cleansing foam, cure aquagel

In my routine, I am combining both Japanese and Romanian skincare products. When I went home, I realised that it was the only way to get my hands on the Romanian skincare brand Aslavital. I also plan on including some Korean products such as face serum and the night sleeping pack. After cleaning my face with the foam, I apply the toner with a cotton disk and wait for it to absorb into the skin. The toner smells great and closes the pores, preparing the skin for the creams.

eye cream and toner aslavital

Once or twice per week, I use either the scrub from LUSH or the Cure Aqua Gel to remove the dead skin cells. This steps is after I clean with the foam and before the toner.

buche de noel scrub lush


The next step is applying ye cream against dark circles – I tap it gently under my eyes and then gently massage it into the skin. Once every few days, in the evening, I use a Japanese sheet mask or a LUSH mask to give extra hydration to the skin, and then apply the night cream. During the morning, I do not have time for a sheet mask, so after the eye cream, I apply the SPF 50 cream on my face and neck. I have been reading around and I figured that I have to start taking good care of my skin, keep it hydrated and protect it with proper SPF.

face creams aslavital

Around once per month, I also go to the beauty salon for a deep cleansing treatment – both relaxing and great for the skin to have some professionals take care of you.

I do this skin care routing every morning and evening, every single day. It can be quite annoying on days where you are tired, but taking care of your skin properly and consistently is rewarding and has long term benefits. Plus, once you get started, you realise it’s so peaceful and nice to have some time to yourself. When you have no time for a long bath, these 10 minutes of skin care are a blessing.

Here’s to hoping that this skin care routine will help me look like now in 10 years from now. What is your skincare routine?


  1. I am terrible at cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Your post so awesomely pointed out my flaws and now thanks to you I’m going to work harder at making my skin “happier.” Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up a routine as you do! 🙂

  2. I use Shisedo compact powder sometimes ago, and I must admit it’s one of the best compact powder there is. I’m terrible on keeping up with daily routine, but reading your post reminding me again how important actualy to do daily face routine.

  3. Love your routine. I’ll be putting the cleansing oil on my “To Buy” list. Obsessed with Lush! I have eczema and that is the only product line I’ve found that works with my skin.

  4. I have always been so bad when it comes to taking care of my skin, wouldn’t wash off my make up etc. I’ve been trying so hard to be better at it for the past year! Sometimes I really don’t wanna wash off my face but it feels so good after I do so!

  5. I recently discovered that garnier line and I can’t get enough of it ! also I use this oil from sephora but only for my eyes 🙂 I try to use everything specifically for my oily skin

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