Top 5 Things to see in Bangkok

Oh how excited I was to go to Bangkok. From what I saw & read about it, it looked amazing – crowded, busy, noisy, lots of traffic, skyscrapers, new sounds, new smells. And this is what I want when I travel, new experiences. As soon as I booked the flights, I was frantically Googling “top things to see in Bangkok” because there is SO much to see and not enough time. So, compiling the research and my personal experience in Bangkok, here are my top 5 things to do in Bangkok.

How to plan your summer holiday wardrobe

Ready to leave for your holiday and anxious about what to pack? Even a frequent traveller like me is challenged when packing and creating a holiday wardrobe. I honestly prefer to pack summer holiday wardrobes because the clothes are lighter and take less space.
If you feel the same, check out my top 4 tips on how to plan your summer holiday wardrobe plus a FREE checklist at the end!

Cyprus diary: part II

I have tried all kinds of food around here, from Pizza Hut, Wagamama (Japanese food) to Taco Bell and TGI Fridays. In my defense, I have never encountered a Taco Bell, so it was a good opportunity to try it. Also, I enjoyed Costa Coffee every day (cappuccinnos, lattes, chai lattes, everything). And let’s not… Continue reading Cyprus diary: part II