The Hottest Jewelry Trends To Look Out for in 2023

hottest jewelry trends

Adding jewelry to your ensemble is the bestr way to inject an extra dose of personality into your look! If you’ve grown tired of the contents of your jewelry box, try wearing your current pieces in unique ways—or mix and match them with some fun new pieces! Look out for these hot jewelry trends in 2023 and give one or more of them a try.

hottest jewelry trends
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Sterling Silver

The past few years have been great for gold jewelry, but silver is making a comeback in 2023. This metal adds a cool, serene vibe to a variety of outfits. Slip on a few thin silver bangles or wear a daring silver statement ring on your middle finger to finish off any ensemble.

Drop Earrings

Fashion-forward jewelry enthusiasts are more and more into wearing smaller, subtler drop earrings. A pair of pearl drop earrings will blend seamlessly with both casual and formal looks.

Ring Stacks

Where’s the rule that states you can only wear one ring per finger? This year, fashion lovers are digging through their jewelry boxes and piling their fingers with rings. To create an eye-catching ring stack, choose a few small and dainty pieces to accentuate a cocktail ring or statement ring.

Bracelet Stacks

Rings aren’t the only jewelry you can stack to your heart’s content. As you shake off the doldrums of a multi-year pandemic, boost your mood by piling your wrists with your favorite bracelets. Create a perfect bracelet stack by mixing and matching styles, metals, and weights for a maximalist look that’s truly your own.

A Pop of Green

Emerald might be the official birthstone of May, but jewelry lovers of all birthdates have embraced this green stone in 2023. Wear it on a bold cocktail ring, as a charm on a dangly bracelet, or as a statement necklace. And if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, bold green glass works just as well!
If you’re bored by the current contents of your jewelry box, find new ways to wear your classic pieces this year. Pile your fingers and wrists with your favorite jewelry for a fantastic maximalist vibe, or try one of these other hot jewelry trends to watch for this year and make the style all your own.

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