Your Packing Guide for a Weekend in Vegas

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A quick trip to Las Vegas hits everyone’s agenda at one point or another – mine included! I’ve heard that it can be a great place to go to experience delicious food, warm sun, and a break from the everyday hustle.

This packing guide for the weekend in Vegas will have my back if I even find myself planning a weekend there!

A Good Pair of Sneakers

Packing your favorite pair of heels will feel like a reflex when preparing for a weekend in Vegas. Fancy footwear has its time and place. But it’s imperative that you also pack a good pair of sneakers if you have them. Vegas is glamorous and fun, but not if walking while there gives you blisters.

If you’re not fond of sneakers, consider wearing supportive sandals or an arch support insert in the shoes you like. And don’t feel like a sneaker will detract from your outfit. Everyone knows sneakers are vital for comfort, especially the locals.

Casual Attire for Daytime

Your sneakers will pair well with casual attire for the daytime, but you might also want to consider a pair of good flats or sandals. Casual attire works well for Vegas, where brunch and idle fun are crucial, and it’s suitable for exploring resorts, shops, and pools or hopping on a tour bus.

You want to be comfortable without diminishing your personal style. Some great casual pieces are skorts, bike shorts, comfortable sundresses, and lightweight blouses.

Upscale Attire for Evenings

In the evenings, you will go out, enjoy the company of those you’re in Vegas with, and probably explore the nightlife a little. Once the sun goes down, you can break out more upscale outfits and fancy shoes.
You can use public transportation or ride-sharing services to avoid walking in heels or dress shoes, but it’s still best to take comfortable shoes with you. You won’t need an entire wardrobe of upscale outfits, but if you intend to make a dinner reservation or explore the Strip, consider having at least two nicer outfits available.

Pool Apparel

The pools in Vegas are a must-visit experience for mornings or lazy vacation days. If you have no intention of spending your day walking miles and exploring the attractions, pack your pool attire—and don’t forget to bring a hat or swimsuit coverup.

A hat and coverup will give you extra protection from the sun and help you walk around in comfort just in case you leave the pool and explore. Consider packing your swimsuit, sandals, coverup, sunglasses, and hat; that way, you’ll be ready for a lounge day by the water.

Sun Protection

Consider sun protection an essential part of your packing guide for a weekend in Vegas because in Vegas, the sun shines bright, and there isn’t much shade unless you’re indoors. You have to remember Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert, so when the sun warms up, it really warms up. Actually, sun protection should be part of all your trips and daily life!
The climate is also dry, so your skin is more sensitive and can burn quickly. When you take a tour bus to the Hoover Dam, which is a key stop for history buffs and sightseers, there is even less shade and more sun. Protect yourself by packing sunscreen or a hat!

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