What To Look For When Buying the Perfect Set of Leggings

buying perfect leggings
buying perfect leggings

If you don’t live in jeans, you’re probably living in leggings. They are comfortable, flexible, and figure-accentuating bottoms that you can dress up or down. As a bonus, they also come in numerous style variations, giving you different look options.

Between Lululemon’s famous luxury set and H&M’s discounted versions, the range in quality and price of leggings greatly varies in the fashion market. Here is what to look for when buying the perfect set of leggings.

Material Type

Due to their style versatility, leggings come in many material forms, from faux leather to nylon to fleece-lined polyester blends. Depending on your intended use of the leggings and personal fashion preferences, some fabric variations offer more benefits than others.

Athletic Leggings

Like any other form of active wear, the best materials for athletic leggings are ones that provide maximized mobility, breathability, sweat absorption, and flexibility. Common gym legging materials include:

  • Blended spandex
  • Synthetic fibers
  • Poly-dri
  • Bamboo fiber

Everyday Wear

The best fabrics for everyday wear leggings are materials that provide mobility, flexibility, and comfort. Typically, everyday wear leggings come in cotton blends.

Going-Out Leggings

For a dressier pair of leggings, faux leather and suede provide the best fit. They have a texture and look that offers more appeal than generic cotton and synthetic blends. The best going-out leggings have fabrics that are durable enough to handle whatever the night holds.

In general, no matter the type of leggings you’re looking for, materials that are opaque when you bend or in certain lights offer less durability and quality than fabrics that aren’t see-through. Steer clear of opaque leggings and invest in better quality versions for more benefits.

Complementary Cuts

The diverse selection of legging styles and cuts—skinny fit, wide bottom, capri—gives you multiple looks to explore. As the relevance of high-waist short trends fades, v-shaped waistlines rise as one of the current trendier styles, especially for athletic leggings, because they accentuate the hips.

Finding other legging cuts, fits, and styles that complement your body type. Any clothing item that makes you feel confident, beautiful, and happy makes a worthy wardrobe investment.

The Perfect Pair

Whether you plan to wear them all the time or only once, leggings are a must-have item for everybody. They are versatile and multifaceted. They even help you style comfy airport outfits. Find your perfect pair with this guide on what to look for when buying leggings.

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