Airport Outfits to keep you Comfy

Who here loves travelling in comfortable outfits? I for sure do! While some people are going with jeans, I cannot imagine wearing anything but stretchy.

  • Comfortable pants are a must for me; I need to move a lot, be comfortable while sleeping on the plane, and am often bloated when travelling, so I always opt for stretchy and breathable fabrics.
  • No matter the weather, I always go for a short sleeved top, preferably a loose cotton t-shirt.
  • Layering with a cardigan, jacket, sweater or hoodie, in case I get cold (or the weather is simply cold)
  • I complete my outfit with sneakers; during a travel day, I live in my sneakers for around 24h, which includes walking, running after gates, and sometimes standing up a lot. I am also super grateful for comfortable shoes after I land, and my ankles are swollen.

Loose Cotton T-shirt & Stretchy Leggings

This is a classic go-to airport outfit, nothing can beat a good pair of stretchy leggings. If a plan t-shirt is too boring, check out some graphics tees or slogan tees. You can style your t-shirt either by tucking it in the leggings in the front, or make it at crop top by knotting it.

Stretchy Comfy Co-ord

This is something I haven’t tried yet at the airport, but I do am a fan of comfortable co-ords. I have been trying to get my hands on a pair of pants with a side stripe (but ended up with a mess of pants that were too long and too loose). As I love layering, I may add a tee under, the hoodie, in case I get too warm. You can not only use this co-ord at the airport, but also just lounging at home.

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