Tapping into the Street Utility Trend this Spring

Most of us want to look good and stay on trend. And we are always looking for that cool new thing to wear – and it looks like this spring the utility look is set to be big. I already mentioned it in my last post on spring/summer 2019 trends and I am super interested in getting into it!

The trend began to gain traction way back in autumn 2018, when jumpsuits started to be more widely worn again. Since then it has evolved into a look that is far more comfortable and practical. While online window shopping, I stumbled upon the gorgeous range of plus size clothing at Simply Be. Their spring collection includes a lot of utility style pieces. I decided to take a closer look at this new and fresh way of dressing and share what I found out with you all.

What is the street utility look?

As the name suggests, this trend is inspired, at least in part, by work wear. At its core is the jumpsuit, which is basically a set of overalls that have been restyled to fit better and flatter the figure. Practical, comfortable yet stylish boots and coats are used to finish off the look, along with a practical bag. For Spring/Summer 2019, the accent is on military-inspired staples.

The utility look colour palette

For, spring 2019, the neutral colour palette has been widely used by utility wear designers. That means, champagne, cream, tan, beige and sometimes sage. This way, you mix two trends – utility and monochrome neutrals 😉

A stylish jumpsuit or boiler suit

At the core of your outfit is a jumpsuit or a set of highly stylised boiler suit. Most women look their best wearing something that has a belt. It provides definition and has the effect of softening the utility look a little.

If you have never worn this style of clothing before, check out this article on how to best choose an all-in-one overall, jumpsuit or boiler suit that works for your body type. Most women can pull one off, but only if they buy the right cut and accessorise it carefully.

The right footwear

When it comes to footwear, look at military style boots that lace up tightly. On cooler days, swap these for a pair of Converse baseball boots, maybe shoes. If you want to make this style of outfit a little more glamorous consider a pair of closefitting, lightly ruched suede boots.

A bag that works

In the 80s, the utilitarian look would have usually been finished off with a bum bag. You could do the same, as they seem to be trendy all over again.. Unfortunately, their size means that this style of bag won’t be practical, for most women. If this is the case, opt for a square shaped shoulder bag instead.

Think about blending your spring and summer wardrobes together

I know that most of you are living on quite tight budgets. So the best strategy it to focus on your summer wardrobe, rather than focusing on buying clothes just for spring.. Ideally, you want to be able to carry most of the clothes you wear during the spring over into your summer wardrobe. Before going shopping, you can check out one of my previous articles on summer holiday wardrobes to get some inspiration for what you are likely to be wearing later in the year.

Feature photo: Photo by Olivia Leger on Unsplash

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