5 books I am excited to read this year

5 books to read in 2019

In the past years I tried to make more time to read more books. During my university years, I could not focus on any book unless it was related to my courses and papers. As soon as I finished my master’s I started to focus more on reading for pleasure. My Goodreads profile grew (both my ‘read’ and ‘to read’ shelves). For next year, I challenge myself to read at least one book per month. But for now, I have 5 books that I definitely want to read and 3 of the area already on my shelf.

5 books on my list for 2019

  • Little Fires Everywhere: It’s the second novel from Celeste Ng, talking about a new family that shakes things up in a quiet & affluent suburban town. The reviews are very promising and I might add her first book to the list – “Everything I Never Told You”
  • Robert Kuok: A Memoir: Robert Kuok is one of the most highly respected business men in Asia – the Shangri-La hotel group is one of the many business he founded. I am looking forward to see how his life & businesses evolved in time.
  • See Jane Lead: 99 Ways for Women to Take Charge at Work: I love reading books on how I can navigate the professional world, especially as a woman. I expect to learn more about confidence and leadership in the workplace. I already read “Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office” by Dr. Lois P. Frankel and I was truly mind-blown.
  • My Year of Rest and Relaxation: I wanted to read this book just by looking at the title. A year of rest and relaxation is something I would definitely need. But upon reading more about the book, the topic is much more complex than I thought.
  • The Patient will See You Now: Top physician in the USA, Dr. Eric Topol talks about the digitalisation and democratisation of medicine. This is an interesting read for those who are highly interested in big data and digital healthcare.

Have you read any of these books? Any interesting reads that you plan for 2019?


  1. These sound like books to look forward to, especially 99 ways women can take charge at work. I never find time to read as I’m a full time student but hopefully I’ll have plenty of time when I graduate. Great post 🙂

  2. They all sound really interesting! I know what you mean by reading less during college although I always tried not to… I’m really into economics and politics so those are the topics I’m currently reading about 🙂 great post dear!

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