2018: year in review

2018 has been a year packed with activities, travels whenever possible, but also a lot of work and stress. It has been a full year that helped me grow personally and professionally, a year where I learned a lot not only about my passions, but also about myself. A year where I read amazing books, drank a lot of coffee and tested a lot of beauty products. Keep scrolling to check out my 2018 adventures


Tried not only a lot of conventional beauty products from brands such as Purito, Aeria Skin, Shiro, Makanai Cosmetics and Leegeehaam (just to mention a few); but also cool beauty tools such as an electric face shaver, ion viviball and microneedling stick. It was also the year where I took time to play with make-up and get creative with it. Also the time when I realised that skincare is truly self-care and make-up can be calming therapy.

Purito serums
flawless skin with endo medics_ion viviball
Ion Viviball


2018 was filled with travels to both new and places I’ve been before. In 2018, I explored Taipei (Taiwan) and its surroundings. I spent there around 1 week and it was definitely not enough. There is so much to do, see and eat, that I can barely manage to find the time to write about it. So far, you can check out my first impressions of Taipei, the trip to Jiufen and the must try Taiwanese foods!


Another new place that I explored last year was the magical town of Dubrovnik, in Croatia. I went there by myself and discovered a beautiful and safe place for women traveler. Check out my post about the best htings to do in Dubrovnik and stay tuned for more!

Walking the city walls of Dubrovnik
View over Dubrovnik

Close to home, I also re-visited Paris during a week-end and took some amazing photos. And during another week-end I re-visited Brussels and caught the Flower Carpet, which happens every two years. The 2018 theme of the flower carpet was Mexico. The Flower Carpet was dedicated to Guanajuato, a Mexican region with a particularly rich floral culture and tradition

Paris by night

In Luxembourg, I did the obligatory visits of the annual fun fair, Schueberfouer and the Christmas market. 2018 was the 678th edition of the Schueberfouer & it takes place each year in late August and early September.

Skills & Books

2018, like 2017 was also a year where I focused on my skills. I finished both a graphic design course and a marketing course (focused on digital marketing), as well as attending an intensive SEO course. All these helped to refine my existing skills and expand them at the same time. I love learning and growing, so I hope that in 2019, I will manage to learn more about everything digital.

In 2018, I also managed to gained basic knowledge of a little know, but important language – Luxembourgish. The national language of the small country of Luxembourg!

2018 was also the year where I felt like I read a lot of life-changing books. I definitely read less than in 2017, but I had these periods of time where I would go super quickly through books. You can check out my Goodreads 2017 challenge (that I failed) – all good books that I recommend to everybody!

Plans for 2019

In 2019, I plan to pay more attention to my blog and wrte more often. I plan to focus on photography and learn how to use my camera for better photos. In 2019, I will read more and buy even more books. I have already some travelling planned, but no new countries so far. Nevertheless, I plan to discover new places, new foods and take lots of photos. Stay tuned for updates on my social media!

How has your 2018 been? What are the most important milestone that make you proud of yourself? What are your 2019 plans?


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