3 ways to style a metallic top

Metallic clothing is often associated with special occasions, like your birthday or the New Year’s Eve party. Occasions where wearing sparkly metallic over the top outfits is acceptable. But this is not necessarily true. There are many ways you can style metallic clothing and incorporate it into your daily outfits – from metallic skirts to metallic tops!

I understand that not many of us are bold to wear a lot of metallics at once, and it’s okay! I have for you 3 ways to style a metallic top that should cater to various tastes!

All in: metallics & fur

Pairing a grey metallic skirt with a similar top is a bold choice that I would not dare to try in public before. While this is not necessarily a daily look, it can be definitely worn for a nice night out and not just extravagant parties! Pair it with your favorite fur and you are all set!

3 ways to wear a metallic top

3 ways to wear a metallic top

Casual: metallics & denim

This is a perfect daily outfit. It’s comfortable because you pair it with your favorite jeans and favorite winter coat. But it’s also classy because of the statement metallic top! You can wear this with your favorite boots!

3 ways to wear a metallic top

Casual chic: metallics & cami dress

An equally comfortable outfit is putting your summer cami dress over the metallic top. This is perfect for both work and a brunch on the weekend!

3 ways to wear a metalic top

What is your favorite way to wear a metallic top?


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