48 hours in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country in the heart of Europe, squeezed between France, Belgium and Germany. While people may think there is nothing to do here (myself included until I actually came to live here), there are plenty of things to do! And what is great is that everything is rather close and it’s especially easy if you have a car. If you want to take advantage of all the highlights of the Luxembourg, I would say that 2 days would be enough.

Day 1 in Luxembourg

Start your first day by exploring Luxembourg city, the capital. Head to the old center and have your morning coffee or hot chocolate with cake at the Chocolate House (so many types of hot chocolate!), right across the Grand Ducal palace. Make sure you snap lots of photos of it (both the palace and the food)! From there, explore the shopping streets around, do some shopping and enjoy! Keep in mind that shops are closing at 6pm, and are closed on Sundays!

Grand Ducal Palace LuxembourgAfter lunch, head by car to Vianden, where you will find a lovely medieval village, with an amazing castle. Spend the afternoon there take the chairlift (open from Easter to October) to see the village from above. Once per year, this tiny village is full of people with the occasion of the Nut Market where you can drink but liquor and eat nut paté (super delicious!)Vianden Nut Market Medieval Castle

Vianden Nut Market Nut Liquor

Day 2 in Luxembourg

Start your day with a drive to the Schengen area, the point where the borders of Luxembourg, Germany and France meet. Have a look at the European Museum to learn more about the Treaty of Schengen and the EU. Go for a walk along the Moselle and go to a winery to taste some delicious regional wine and have lunch.

The alcohol limit in Luxembourg allows you to have a bit of alcohol (you can enjoy a glass of wine before driving) so you can now head back to the capital for the afternoon.

Start your afternoon from the Golden Lady (memorial that commemorates the Luxembourgers who perished in the First World War) and walk in the direction of the Grund, a valley below the center of the city (you will have to take the elevator to go down) and explore the streets full of cozy cafés and restaurants. Have dinner & drinks at one of the many bars; my favourite is Scott’s Pub because the terrace gives you an amazing view!


And that’s it! Don’t be afraid of driving in Luxembourg! The landscapes are lovely and the driving time is not that long. From Luxembourg city to Vianden there are 50 km and from Luxembourg city to Schengen there are around 30 km.

Doing an Euro trip this summer? Make sure to book 2 days to visit the small but beautiful country of Luxembourg!

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