Casual chic brunch outfits

Hands up if you love brunch! I am raising both my hands because I LOVE brunching. It’s a great way to start your weekend days, especially when it involves avocado toast and mimosas.
Now, brunches are also an occasion to wear something cute but also chic and elegant. What other occasion is as perfect for a casual chic outfit?
The foundation of a casual chic outfit is simple: take something formal like an elegant top , and mix it with something the complete opposite, something informal like a leather jacket or ripped jeans.

casual chic brunch outfit

Mix formal and informal elements to achieve the casual chic look

We are going to start with this gingham top. It’s elegant because of the flared sleeves, the statement bow at the back and the classic gingham pattern. Now, if I were to dress this up, I would wear it with a pencil skirt and heels. But we want to dress it down for that casual chic brunch look. How about we go for jeans, sneaker and leather jacket?

casual chic brunch outfitWhen I say casual chic, I keep in mind the comfort. I could choose an simple tee that would go with skirt and heels, but going to brunch is all about being elegant and comfortable. Let the statement top take the role of the elegant and formal element and go for comfortable shoes. It’s the weekend and after a full week of wearing high heels, it’s time to let our feet relax and recover.

casual chic brunch outfitFor more inspiration on how you can achieve a casual chic brunch outfit, check out my top picks below that you can totally mix & match!

What is your favorite casual chic go to outfit?

casual chic outfit for brunch

Gingham top from Zaful


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