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I am spending this month to better define my goals for next year, both personally and professionally. This blog falls more in between, as it has been a tool that allowed me to write more, learn a lot about social media and many tips and tricks on how to work in Photoshop and make those photos pop! In order to help me better choose my topics for this year, I went into Google Analytics and had a look at my top posts of 2016.

January is the month to reflect on the year that passed and look towards the year to come. Check out the review of the tops posts in 2016!Top posts of 2016

Here they are guys, in all their gloriousness – my top posts of 2016. They are a very diverse mix, and I see that people enjoyed basically all the categories on my blog, from beauty and fashion to food and health. Let me know which ones are your favourite topics and I can dig deeper into them in the year to come!

Sephora haul
Who doesn’t love Sephora and a nice Sephora haul? Everybody! Stay tuned for a VERY overdue makeup review post, but not Sephora related (still cool though, because it’ll have lipsticks!
Salmon steak
This post has been such a pleasure to make (and cook and eat – yum!). Salmon is one of my favourite dishes and I love it prepared in any way (sashimi, smoked, steak, tartare, anything!)

Japanese beauty & makeup haul
This post pops up in my stats every month. And I get it – Japanese (and South Korean) beauty and makeup are becoming insanely popular around the world! I am also preparing a very overdue post on South Korean beauty, together with online shops where you can shop safely (my experience + others’ )

January is the month to reflect on the year that passed and look towards the year to come. Check out the review of the tops posts in 2016!

Laced up inspiration
There was a time (still is though) when I was OBSESSED with anything laced up. I have flats, sandals, tees and a sweater that are laced up. I think I am missing a skirt with laces on the side and I’d be good to go? Are you still into laced up things this year or you think it will fade?

Benefits of green tea
I have several types of green tea and always at least one at work. Every time I get the chance to have a matcha latte, I take it. I so wish my coffee shop would make a matcha latte!

How to style an embroidered bomber jacket for fall
Every time I put on my embroidered bomber jacket I feel like a badass roaming the streets of Tokyo. That embroidery is just the cherry on top, I couldn’t have a plain bomber jacket – could you?

Luxembourg: Coppers
This is my most popular restaurant review (it sure is one of my favourites, also because it’s so convenient to go there). I should definitely make more restaurant reviews – I have at least 2 or so that I havent’ reviewed and I would love to. But it’s been so long since I went to them, that it would be fair to go one more time to have another look, no?

3 reasons why cold weather is amazing
I quite enjoy winter and the cold weather. When else do I get to wear my cute bear fur coat or my over the knee boots? Or drink Christmas Latte and smell the fresh crisp winter air? You know you like those things too – don’t lie!

The wrap dress
I find wrap dresses to be so flattering for nay body type. It’s hugging the curves of the body and it you feel you want more of them, the horizontal lines are definitely helping!

Which of my top posts are your favourites? What topics should I write more about this year? Let me know in the comments below ☺

January is the month to reflect on the year that passed and look towards the year to come. Check out the review of the tops posts in 2016!Top from H&M (similar here and here) / Dress from H&M (similar here and here) / Quilted bag (similar here ) / Boots from Zaful


  1. I couldn’t do a top post of 2016 for my blog as i have too many posts i like too much. I love the ones you picked

  2. Some good posts! I think it’s a fab idea to evaluate 2016 posts. Be good to see how far you’ve come and look on fond memories. It shows the variety of your blog with fashion, beauty, hauls, tips and cooking recipes to name a few.

  3. So many fantastic posts you wrote and shared in 2016 – always great to look back of at the highlights. Thanks for sharing – going to read through a few now

    Laura x

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