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I have heard and seen many people recommending Bouneweger Stuff so shortly after coming back from Japan, I decided to book a table for two for a Saturday brunch. It was great that I could book it via email and I almost thought I would no get it but I did! And I was rather excited as I have never been there before. After struggling a bit to find a parking spot nearby and tyring to avoid the puddles of melted snow, we went inside the cozy Bouneweger Stuff. Bouneweger Stuff brunch

I loved the design and especially the menu – just the atmosphere in general. The service was prompt and polite, the bread and pastries were fresh and the coffee was hot. What I would have liked was to have a separate plate so I would not have bread crumbs all over the table; also, maybe I should have bee more specific about the setting of the table, because ours was just next to the entrance. Was not necessarily unpleasant but not the best.
Bouneweger stuff Luxembourg

Other than that, I would totally recommend this place for a brunch – and will definitely check it out again in the future!
Bread Croissants Bouneweger Stuff

Have you been to Bouneweger Stuff? What do you think?

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  1. I have never been there even if it is just next to where I live! What a pity, seems delicious!

    Trick for the next time – next to the small police office, at the round about, there is an archway and inside you have a courtyard parking for the local supermarket that is closed over the week end 😉 This is the secret parking of all my friends when they come to visit me 🙂


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