London at Christmas

It was my second time in London at Christmas time and again, I found the street lights, decorations and window shops – especially on Oxford Street and Carnaby Street  – rather magical. It was also a great time for shopping, something I will share very soon on the blog.

london christmas shopping lights     london christmas street

london christmas shop window oxford street

london christmas carnaby street

london christmas oxford street

london christmas harrods night

Winter Wonderland in London

I know Christmas just passed quite some time ago but I’m sure that if you want to plan a trip to London next November/December, you should also check out the Winter Wonderland. When I went in mid-December, I caught bad weather on the day I visited the Winter Wonderland. That is, a LOT of rain and a bit of wind. It really was a shame because I would have wanted to explore it a bit more, have a drink and a bite to eat. What I could manage was to take some pictures in between the moments of me cleaning the rain drops of off my phone.

london christmas winter wonderland lights

london christmas winter wonderland carousel

Have you been to the London at Christmas time? What about Winter Wonderland?


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