Cyprus diary: part II

I have tried all kinds of food around here, from Pizza Hut, Wagamama (Japanese food) to Taco Bell and TGI Fridays. In my defense, I have never encountered a Taco Bell, so it was a good opportunity to try it. Also, I enjoyed Costa Coffee every day (cappuccinnos, lattes, chai lattes, everything). And let’s not… Continue reading Cyprus diary: part II

Blogging class in Luxembourg

Yesterday afternoon I attended my first blogging class, by Emilie / My little fashion diary, in Luxembourg City, at the private club House 17. I registered for this class, as I wanted to see and hear in person the tips and tricks of professional blogging.¬† The class was around 1h30min, but gave a good step-by-step… Continue reading Blogging class in Luxembourg

Mid-week Motivation

The week has already started and you’re looking with tired eyes to the week-end that seems so far away. How about some motivation to get you through the pile of work that seems never-ending? Take a break from whatever you’re doing, recharge for 5 minutes and go again. More motivation? If you’re on Twitter follow… Continue reading Mid-week Motivation