Fed up of Millenial Pink? Check out Purple Beauty!

Millenial pink has been *the* pink in the past years. It was in everything from beauty and fashion to interior design and architecture. We love to be slathered in millenial pink and never get enough of it! And there seems to be no stop to it, as Instagram and Pinterest, as well as the Sephoras have been getting pinker and pinker. I do love this pink obsession, I used to have pink hair but millenial pink would be the goal (even if that would mean severe hair damage). But if you are one of those people that are either fed up with it or want some diversity, how about some purple? Equally beautiful and pleasing to the eye, purple is more regal, elegant, classy. It gives a touch of adulthood compared to the youthfulness of millenial pink.
If you love a colorful beauty shelf and are looking for some diversity and bold pops of colour, check out my favorite products packaged in purple!

Check out these purple beauty products!

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Missha Time Revolution Ampoule

This cult Korean beauty product has the prettiest shade of purple. The Missha Time Revolution ampuole is not ony is highly effective, but also it’s deemed to be the best dupe for the Estee Lauder Night Repair, at just a fraction of the price.

Voodoo Cream

If you thought I would be done with Asian beauty, you are wrong! This Voodoo night cream was recommended to me by a Boot’s sales assistant in Thailand. She told me it would not have whitening effects and it’s a very good Thai brand. Like the beauty addict that I am, I instantly added it to my cart. Even if it was quite expensive for the small quantity, I was happy for this purchase. It lasted me quite a while and would make my skin suuuper smooth. While the package has the most beautifu shade of purple, the actual cream has a gorgeous shade of pink (but not millenial pink).

Urban Decay Primer Potion

If you thought using eyeshadow primer is extra, then you are very wrong, my dear. I remember I first tried a sample of the Urban Decay primer and I was extremely impressed by how well my eyeshadow was staying. My eyelids get very oily throughout the day, making it impossible for me to wear eye shadow without creasing. I am now using a mini version of the primer, but will soon upgrade to the full size. It’s worth the investment for the quality, but also the pretty packaging!

Glam Glow

My Glam Glow mask is another mini that I wanted to try before committing to the full size. This mud mask is guaranteed to not only give you baby smooth skin, but also beautify your shelf!

Thierry Mugler’s Alien

When I first smelled “Alien” in a magazine a few years back, it was love at first sight! As soon as I could afford it, I got my hands on the actual perfume and did not regret it! Just look how beautiful and sophisticated the bottle is!

Are you a fan of millenial pink or you would prefer to check out more purple beauty products?


  1. Wow! what a great skincare line. I have heard a lot of good things in the Revolution Night Ampoule and I would love to try it.

  2. I’ve not tried any of these — I’ve heard they are very popular though! and I like the idea of purple instead of millennial pink though lol

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