Lazy Sunday Morning

cayenne pepper lemonade

cayenne pepper lemonade
Lemonade with cayenne pepper [Instagram]
Start your lazy Sunday by waking up slowly, gently and then play some relaxing music to get you started. One of my favourite relaxing mixes is Buddha Deluxe Lounge – Secrets of Far East. I just read yesterday that it’s healthy to drink in the morning, before anything else, water with lemon and cayenne pepper. Around 500ml of water, 1/2 lemon and some cayenne pepper in the blender. After mixing, I realised I wasn’t really feeling the pepper so I added more. Needless to say, at some point the drink was feeling kind of spicy. But it is delicious – I will continue trying it every morning.


After finishing the 500ml (!!) spicy lemonade, I had some breakfast (which turned out to be too burnt & ugly to be worthy of a photo, but the omelette was delicious nonetheless). I have been having the Vogue September issue and decided that my lazy Sunday morning be completed with a little coffee, the smell of chocolate candles, and a very heavy, 856-page fashion magazine.

coffee candle vogue
Coffee and Vogue [Instagram]


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