Luxembourg: Golden Bean

I have been waiting for a good coffee place in Belval for a long time. I have tried coffee from all the places around and all have plain coffee, from a small machine. I remember being so excited when Golden Bean opened because I heard great things about them (a friend tried their café in the city) and I wanted coffee made from a real coffee machine by a barista.

Golden Bean

My first impression when I went there was that the atmosphere was super cozy and relaxed, and the music is great. I remember buying a simple black coffee and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the fresh coffee did not burn my taste buds (as it literally happens with every other place I buy coffee in the world, including Starbucks). For me, that’s important because I need to start drinking the coffee right away, I can’t wait for it to cool down and then completely get cold.

My favourites – except the black coffee – are the Montblanc Macchiato and the Chai Matcha. The food is also good (tried a panini) and I still have to try one of their cakes and pastries.

Golden Bean Belval
Golden Bean Belval Coffee

If you are ever looking for great coffee in the south of the country, I warmly welcome the Golden Bean!

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