Luxembourg: Coppers

coppers luxembourg belval

Coppers Bar & Kitchen is now one of my favourite restaurants. It opened a few weeks ago here in  Belval; this always makes me excited because I rarely go anywhere except Belval during the week. The first time I tried it was a Friday night. We were to early because I just left work, and I tried the burger and fries. I have to say that I loved it immediately – the atmosphere, the music, the service, the food.

Coppers Bar & Kitchen

burger and burrito_coppers_luxembourg

Other times I went there was twice for lunch – once I had the menu of the day (chicken burrito with side salad and fries) and once I had a salad. Both times it was delicious and filling. What it’s left to try are the desserts (my eye is on the Oreo Cheesecake)

Coppers Luxembourg Salad

Have you already tried it before?


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