Outfit: Coffee Now

Bershka Necklace close up

Do you have days when you feel so lazy that you just grab the first pair of jeans & t-shirt you have? And then you realise you’re way to casual and comfortable? When I am in this situation, I always throw in a pair of heels instead of comfortable flats. I find that high heels can really change an outfit and upgrade a lazy one. This idea is for lazy mornings when you are too sleepy to pick a complex outfit and when you know you’ll need at least 3 coffees to go through the day. I also find that heels (which almost always make my feet hurt in some way, no matter how comfortable they are) also wake me up by paying more attention where I walk (going up and down the stairs is definitely not the same as with flats) plus I am feeling more confident. So even if deep inside I am not awake, at least on the outside I look put together. The writing on the t-shirt might give away this fact, but hey, I have heels, I am awake and ready for this!

coffee now outfit

Jeans from Jennyfer / T-shirt from New Yorker / Heels from random shop

 How do you deal with lazy sleepy morning before work?


  1. I love your necklace! I can never deal with lazy sleepy mornings, I used to have to be at work for 5am every morning and that used to be an ultimate killer for me xx

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